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ouranhighhostclubuk.deviantart… - NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE CURRENTLY

:: OHHCUK ..

SITE -  (( still in development))




Bold = Taken
italic = candidate(s) acknowleged
dA?  = listed beside if applicable

Tamaki - - ~Malfoymation
Kyouya - ~ria-catboy-wannabe
Haruhi - ~Sazikins
Kaoru - ~Osanpo
Hikaru - *Demented-Kid
Honey - ~MissNoir
Mori - ~Marauchettes
Renge - ~NeonRaine
Kasanoda- .....
Nekozawa - ~gyoroandururun
Kyouya's little Helper ~puredecorum

NEWS - - -

:: 15th July -
     PICNIC DATE has been sent, 6th of August At Kyouya's House. Something very exciting has come to light - RADIO WARRINGTON ( wants to come and cover our Picnic event, do a few interviews. etc etc. What a Fantastic oppertunity!!

:: 2nd July -
     NEW location for yet ANOTHER Meet up... Kyouya Shall try to rent out WALTON GARDEN HALL. He's trying <3

:: 17th June -
     WE HAVE A MORI! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! to Paul! Our Honey will be Very Happy indeed! Aplications are now closed.
     Also! Kyouya is organising another meet-up in town to visit the Golden Gates for a photo shoot. Hopefully people can attend and we'll get some fantastic shots and maybe start a little project Kyouya wants to work on.

:: 13th June -
     Kyouya has finally finished his exams. He's startedplanning the picnic, which'll be held in the first 2 weeks of August, but not the 7-11th as members are heading to Amecon. In order to cover cost of food and bus fare for everyone. It is asked that people pool in around £3.07 in order to help Kyouya cover costs. This Amount is set to go down soon, as He has found a way to reduce costs for all. However, Tamaki and his guest do not need to pay as they're covering a huge distance in order to get here for one day. Kyouya asks that the members find guests to bring with them so the cost is reduced further.
If you ARE bringing guests, please give Kyouya numbers and names. Thank you!

:: 21th May -
      Only a quick update. MCM May Expo is coming up in London this weekend so Kyouya and Tamaki are making a special report from the hotel. Stay tuned for that within the next couple of weeks!
      Also, the twins, Honey and Renge are attending the July 1st re:Con event at Waterstones. Expecting a report from them too!
      Picnic will happen - date to be confirmed - venue sorted.

:: 28th April -
      Photos updated. More to be added from the Urbis Meet. Much fun was had by all. Unfortunatly, next meet won't be until after Kyouya's exams, and whoever elses, have finished. (( MUCH HATE FOR GCSES D< )) Should be around June/July when Kyouya wants to discuss the prospect of a picnic. Details to be confirmed.

:: 26th April -
     Date confirmed for next meet. 27th April, at the Urbis in Manchester. If you're rendezvousing with Kyouya, it's 11:25am at the train station.

:: 16th April -
     We are very happy to announce that we've found a King!  Very big welcome to our fantastic new Tamaki!
     Possibility of next meet discussed. Date/Confirmation to be announced.

:: 7th April -
      Kyouya apologises in advance for any lack of activity on his part. He has important examinations coming up and wont have the time to do much for the club. Hopefully, the other members will continue to support OHHCUK as before and continue posting pictures, posts and comments whilst Kyouya is unavailable.

:: 2nd April -
      Since our last update, We've acquired some twins! Congratulations! Kyouya also seems to have found a little helper. Thank you, Jazzy!
     March 29th was a spontaneous meeting where we took lots of photos which shall be up shortly after we get them off Haruhi's camera.

:: 27th March -
      26th of March was the Premier OHHCUK meet up! Thank you to everyone who made it!
      Tamaki Candidate acknowlegded.
(( C'MON TWINS! SIGN UP! - you know who you are! ))  
Congradulations to Dawn! Who is now our New Nekozawa! * applauds* I'll be sending you an e-mail. Please reply promptly.

:: 17th March -
      Date confirmed for the OHHCUK Warrington meet. Possibility of 'stand-ins' and 'outer-character' positions discussed. Outcome will be posted here shortly.

:: 15th March -
      Possible Mori candidate acknowleged. Waiting for a second candidate - if no other candidate is acknowledged, the first will get the spot.

:: 13th March -
       Meeting for (between) 22nd -  29th discussed. 26th March possible date.  
Members attenting: Renge, Kyouya, Honey, Haruhi.
Location:Warrington Town Centre.
Purpose: General Meeting, Photoshoot, Team Bonding, Introductions (Haruhi and Renge), Honey misses everyone.

:: 12th March -
      Haruhi candidate acknowleged- with no other applicants she was accepted. Congratulations, Sazi!
Commiserations to applicants who didn't manage to get in for this character.
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